During the 5-week program, students will have the opportunity to experience a variety of activities below:

~Minecraft Building Competitions: Team work together to create detailed structures containing lots of specifications and functions before time runs out! Campers will use their knowledge of Redstone, design skills, and teamwork to make incredible creations.

~GALS (Girls Achieving a Love For Science): We are excited to have our GALS (Girls Always Loving Science) program back. Research shows that male students are over three times more likely to be interested in STEM careers, compared to female students. The goal of GALS is to create science-based activities geared toward girls. Your daughter will spend her time in STEM camp learning and having fun participating in activities with other girls. Students will go to the GALS during the STEM portion of the camp schedule each day.

~App Creation: With MIT App Inventor campers will learn how to plan, design, code, and publish their very own apps! We will work on projects as a group, and then campers can choose to make their very own games, photo editors, and so much more!

~Little Bits: Have you ever wanted to invent and build your own electronics, or wondered what’s happening inside devices like computers, ipads or phones? Campers will use Little Bits to make inventions come to life! They will learn about electricity, circuits, and programming while building with electronic blocks to create amazing projects.

~Web Design: Campers will design a website for an area of interest. They will learn about graphics and design and create a website of their own!

~Intro to Scratch/Scratch Junior: First, campers will learn the fundamentals involved in creating a video game world, using Scratch, the innovative programming language created just for kids by MIT. They will be introduced to programming by creating and editing sprites and game opponents. They will learn about sound and video as they the build their own video game!

~Roblox Game Design: With over 70 million users worldwide, Roblox is one of the fastest growing trends in Digital Game Design and Game Play! We will have a great time building and playing games. Campers will play and compete with fellow campers on our own private servers.

~LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3: Campers will use the EV3 to learn the fundamentals of building a wide variety of robots. They will acquire the ability to create robots from their imagination, in addition to following instructions for specific robots provided by LEGO® and other websites. Campers also learn how to program robots to move and use sensors, control their robots using remote control capabilities and work in teams!